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–  Validation  –

A key component of building a deck is making sure that it's legal. Card Vault's validation engine monitors every change to your deck and notifies you whenever your deck fails to satisfy one or more deck construction rules. For game systems with multiple tournament formats, Card Vault allows you to specify the format you want to use and then validates your deck against the appropriate set of rules (see the droplist at the top of the main deck construction window).

When you're building a deck, there are times you care about the deck's legality and times you don't (such as when you're still experimenting with different deck ideas). So Card Vault uses an unobtrusive warning system to flag validation errors to you that can be easily ignored when it's not important. Whenever one or more errors are spotted by Card Vault, a warning symbol appears in the upper right corner of the deck construction window (first snippet below). In addition, a validation bar at the bottom of the deck construction window shows a brief summary of each validation rule that has not been satisfied (second snippet). For detailed information, you can simply click on the warning button to view the specifics (bottom snippet).