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–  Construction Kit Support  –

Below you will find an assortment of topics specifically covering the Construction Kit. If you are developing data files for the Army Builder® brand roster construction tool, this is a good place to start if you have questions. Additionally, the Army Builder forum is another great resource.


Why isn't the 'Save As Text File...' menu item available to me from within ABCreator?


The "Save As Text File" option is only available for data files that have not been "locked". Within ABCreator, Army Builder provides data file authors the option to "lock" a particular data file. This ensures that the authoring information cannot be changed. Saving to a text file would allow such changes to be made, so it is not possible to save a locked file as a text file. However, you can freely make whatever augmentations and modifications to the file that you wish. Most data files that are distributed are locked.

The reason for the "lock" mechanism is because there have been a few unscrupulous users who took other people's work, changed the author information, and claimed the files to have been created by themselves. This was a big problem with certain data files, so the feature was implemented in response to user request.