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–  Registration Problems  –

There have been a number of users who have run into problems with the registration process. Fortunately, these problems are typically a minor error that can be quickly corrected. Before reporting problems to technical support, please check the following issues. By narrowing down the problem before report it, you will ensure that the problem can be corrected as quickly as possible. With a little luck, you'll even be able to correct the problem yourself and be running smoothly in a few minutes.

Important Points to Remember

When verifying the correctness of the license number and system code, please remember that the letters 'O' and 'I' are not used. If you think you see an 'O', it is the digit zero, and what may look like an 'I' is actually the digit one.

When contacting technical support regarding registration problems, please be sure to always include your order number, license number, and system code. We need all three pieces of information in order to properly investigate the difficulty. Failure to provide all three pieces can result in delays that merely keep you waiting longer than is otherwise necessary.

Things to Check

The following is a list of items to check. In most cases, the problem can be quickly identified via these steps.

  1. Does the system code shown in the license email you received match the system code shown within the Army Builder® brand roster construction tool? There have been a number of users who have entered an incorrect code on the website when they registered. If this is the case, please notify technical support with your order number, license number, and the CORRECTED system code. We can re-issue the license to the correct system code once you provide it to us.
    Note! On some computers under certain circumstances, the system code will not be fully visible. An additional digit MAY be present at the end of the displayed system code. Be sure to verify that you have properly included all digits of the system code in the value you submitted.
  2. Does the license number shown in the email you received match the license shown within Army Builder? If there is a discrepancy here, you can edit the license number within Army Builder to properly reflect the code issue in your license materials.
  3. Did you run the attached program that was sent with the email? If so, did it specify that the key file had been properly installed?
  4. Did you restart your computer after double-checking steps #1-#3 above? Normally, restarting the computer should not be necessary, however a few users have reported that rebooting their computer enabled the license to be properly recognized after initially failing.
  5. Are you running any anti-virus software? Some anti-virus programs can be configured to make it impossible for the Registry to be modified. The license mechanism requires that it be able to update your Registry with the correct information, so anti-virus programs that are configured this way will make it impossible for the license information to be updated properly. If you have an anti-virus program, please ensure that it is fully disabled when entering the license number into Army Builder and when running the key file installation program that is attached to the license email.
  6. Is the directory in which Army Builder is currently installed exactly the same directory to which you originally installed the product? Did you possibly rename a folder or move the product? Changing the name of a folder can cause information relied upon by the key-file installer to be incorrect and result in its failure. If this might be the case, the solution is to re-install Army Builder. You can simply re-install it to the same directory you have moved it to, as this will properly reset the information relied upon by the key-file installer.
  7. Do you possibly have more than one copy of Army Builder installed on your computer? If you have inadvertently installed multiple copies, this could be causing the behavior to be wrong. There have been a few users that somehow managed this, and deleting all copies and re-installing again fixed things.
  8. Using Windows Explorer, delete the current key file (named "abkey.lic") from your Army Builder installation directory and then re-run the key file installation program. Under some circumstances, the key file cannot properly overwrite an existing key file. Deleting the old file and then trying again will correct this problem.
  9. In one instance, the key file installation program that was attached to the license email installed an invalid key file for the user. The solution was for the user to login to the license management web-site at www.xlonewolf.com, download the key file manually, and install the new key file. Please try this just in case this is the problem.

If All Else Fails...

If all of the steps above fail to identify and/or correct the problem, we have created a small diagnostic program to help analyze what might be wrong. Please download this DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM and run it on your computer. Email the diagnostic results file that it generates (named "regcheck.out") to technical support, along with your order number and license number. We will examine the output and try to figure out what is going wrong. Note! Please only do this if you have verified everything above and your license still doesn't work.