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–  Skins Downloads  –

User interface extensions (aka "skins") allow the Army Builder® brand roster construction tool to be visually altered. You can change the graphics textures, the colors, the buttons, and a whole lot more. When users submit their interface extensions, we make sure they're appropriate and then post them here for you to use.

Note! User interface extensions require that you have a 16-bit video driver or greater. If you only have an 8-bit driver (256 colors), Army Builder will ignore any interface extension file that you attempt to utilize.

Note! Unless specified otherwise, extensions are NOT supported by Lone Wolf Development.

Installation Instructions! To use an interface extension, you must install the ".dll" file into the directory where you installed Army Builder and name it "altgfx.dll". Army Builder will then load and use the extensions in place of the standard visuals.

Emerald Green

This skin set is similar to the one used within Army Builder, except for a new set of colors. It's an emerald green marble background with yellow/gold highlights. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot.


As named by its author, the unflappable Colen "Not Colin" McAlister of Skrill fame, this is an "evil industrial sci fi" skin. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot.

"Card Vault"

When we released Card Vault, we designed a new interface... and we liked so much, we decided to apply it to Army Builder, too. The skin has a pleasant blue and gold theme. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot.

"Evil Red"

In the words of its creator, this skin is "very red". If you play evil forces, this skin will probably be to your liking. And for those "good guys" out there, you have to admit it's still a VERY cool skin. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot.

Simple Solids

The name sums it up. This skin set uses solid colors to create a very simple look. This skin is ideal for users who like a dark-on-light display and/or find the standard skin for Army Builder too dark for their tastes. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot.

Looking for how to create your own skins? You'll find complete details in the section entitled Creating Interface Extensions.