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–  Tips And Suggestions  –

This section provides a number of helpful suggestions on the use of the Army Builder® brand roster construction tool. When we come up with techniques that make using Army Builder even easier or more powerful (or when users suggest them), we'll post them here so you can take advantage of them. And if you come up with ideas of your own to exploit the power of Army Builder, please let us know so that we can share them with other users.


I wish to delete a set of data files from Army Builder, but I can't figure out how.


Prior to the release of V2.0c, there is no way to delete data files from within Army Builder. The simplest solution is to upgrade to V2.0c (or later) and let Army Builder handle this for you. However, you can delete a game system with older versions of the product by manually deleting the corresponding files. The steps consist of the following.

All data files for a given game system have the same file extension. This extension is shown in the "Select Game System" dialog when you launch Army Builder. Identify the file extension for the game system you want to remove. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where you installed Army Builder and then switch to the "Data" sub-folder. In this folder, you will find a number of files that possess the file extension you identified. Delete these files, and the game system will disappear from the list shown to you by Army Builder.

Note! Please be sure to ONLY delete the files with the file extension you identified.