Character Creation Software Has Finally Leveled Up!


1/11 - Pathfinder - Ability Scores

Create your character. Adventure with advanced in-play tools. Evolve your character toward long term goals.

  • Intuitive interface walks you through all the stages of character creation, letting you play instead of worry about the rules.
  • Print your hero, save it to PDF, generate a statblock, or use Hero Lab as an electronic character sheet at the game table.
  • Extensive in-play support tracks in-game effects, modifiers and conditions with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • GMs can build NPCs and experienced characters in minutes, or use the Tactical Console to smoothly manage entire encounters.
  • Real-time validation alerts you to rules violations, while still allowing custom rules and content created in Hero Lab's editor.
  • Download includes core content from one game system (additional games / content purchased separately). Requires PC (Windows XP or newer, but NOT Windows RT) or Mac (OS X 10.5 and newer) with internet access.

Winner of the 2011 Gold ENnie Award for Best Aid or Accessory!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Shadowrun
d20 System Mutants & Masterminds Savage Worlds
Call of Cthulhu World of Darkness 4th Edition

About Hero Lab

Hero Lab makes character generation a simple, intuitive process, walking you through a series of decisions which you make after seeing all of your options. It automatically tracks modifiers for every stat, ability, item, spell, and option. At the same time, the automated validation engine verifies that all prerequisites, minimums, and other rules requirements have been met, pointing out where they may have gone awry.

Hero Lab is the most versatile and easy-to-use set of character creation and evolution tools to date. Using our proprietary technology, Hero Lab offers you unprecedented accuracy and flexibility to create RPG characters to your every specification, while at the same time verifying that your character is 100% valid under the rules of the game. With the ability to support virtually any game system and genre, Hero Lab is a revolutionary addition to any RPG player's library.

Note that Lone Wolf Development licenses the right to produce data packages for every system Hero Lab supports. That means we're working directly with the companies that produce your favorite games, so we can ensure that our software supports their games optimally.

Free Demo Version

We offer a free demo version of Hero Lab, letting you test-drive the product for an unlimited amount of time - no registration required! Download the demo now!

Easy To Use

  • Tab panels walk you through each facet of character creation - attributes, class and level, skills, merits, gear, personal information, journal entries, templates and special abilities.
  • Descriptive text is included for virtually every attribute, skill, ability, etc., available via mouse-over or click.
  • Summary panels provide real-time visibility of the changes you make to your character and their implications, from skills to combat adjustments to armor – all customizable based on what you want to see.
  • Hero Lab's user interface adapts itself to the needs of your character. For example, spell selections are only shown if your character is a spellcaster, and selection of a Clan is only possible if you're a vampire.
  • Save your hero, then print using one of many output options, including PDF. You can also generate statblocks in text, HTML, BBCode or Wikitext, or e-mail the hero to another Hero Lab user.
  • Intuitive user interface prompts you through character creation by highlighting selections that should be made.

Information At Your Fingertips

  • All relevant bonuses, penalties and modifiers are automatically calculated, saving you time and lots of page flipping.
  • Spell lists and other game elements provide all the information you'll need during play, both printed and on-screen.
  • Keep track of your character's adventures with the Journal tab. You can track XP, money you earn, and even a description of the adventure itself.
  • Dashboard appears at the right-hand side of the main Hero Lab window when more than one hero is present. An entry is present for each hero, displaying their name and appropriate summary information; mousing over the info buttons provides further details.
  • Track your character background and even attach multiple character portraits. Over 200 character images from a variety of genres are included with Hero Lab.

Powerful, Yet Flexible

  • A full gear containment hierarchy allows you to track which items reside in which containers or directly on your hero. Moving and dropping equipment in a particular container is a single action.
  • Validation engine verifies that your character satisfies all the rules, providing a detailed report of any errors encountered and highlighting the errors for quick and easy correction.
  • We report all errors, but we don't enforce correctness. This allows you to ignore any errors reported, making it easy to accommodate house rules.
  • Simple "adjustments" allow house rules and GM exceptions to be applied - add or subtract from attributes, skills and other traits to customize a character for YOUR campaign.
  • Easily add custom content, from armor to classes to feats to races to spells – the content editor allows you to modify existing content or add your own from scratch.
  • Authoring Kit allows you to create your own game systems, with pdf / wiki documentation and "skeleton" game system to get you started.

In-Play Support for Players and GMs

  • In-Play tabs keeps track of limited use items, such as arrows, potions and charges, as well as in-game modifiers, such as spell effects and feats that modifier your hero's abilities.
  • The Tactical Console allows GMs to manage encounters between players and NPCs. Out of combat, it allows you to see important skills, saving throws, and other aspects of each hero. GMs can also add NPCs and enemies to keep track of the party and their adversaries all at once.
  • In combat, the Tactical Console shows you who has and hasn't acted, initiative scores, delayed and readied actions, and all the information you need at a glance - saving throws, armor class, weapon details, and more.
  • GMs can use hundreds of stock heroes as "quick and dirty" NPCs within their games. Need a 7th level Gnoll Rogue teamed up with a Bugbear Barbarian? No problem!
  • Fully customizable dice roller is included. Specify how many and what size dice, add/subtract from each die or total roll, roll dice and drop the lowest/highest, count successes against a set target number, and even adjust the threshold at which die results explode!



What's Included?

Hero Lab includes one game system of your choice, chosen when you activate your Hero Lab license. Here's what's included when you purchase Hero Lab for a particular game system:

  • Pathfinder Roleplaying Game - Core data package includes content from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, including classes, races, skills, feats, equipment, magic items, and more; plus feats, items, prestige classes and other player content from the Pathfinder Adventure Paths; plus full support for Pathfinder Society (organized play) characters.
  • Shadowrun 4th Edition - Core data package includes content from Shadowrun Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Edition, including qualities, skills, equipment, and stock NPCs.
  • d20 System (3.5) - Core data package includes almost all data from the d20 3.5 SRD - complete contents of PHB, DMG, partial MM, and Psionics. Also includes character creation options from the first three Pathfinder Adventure Paths.
  • Mutants & Masterminds - Core data package includes content from the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Hero's Handbook OR 2nd Edition Core Rulebook.
  • Savage Worlds & 4th Edition (Authoring Kit) - Core data package includes Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition rulebook and some elements from the Savage Worlds 1st Edition Revised rulebook.
    • The 4th Edition mechanics data files are included with this data package. They include only the 4th edition game mechanics, and no copyrighted content. A downloader is provided to allow you to download free content from D&D Insider, or subscriber content with the provision of a username and password.
  • Call of Cthulhu - Core data package includes content from the Call of Cthulhu, Sixth Edition rulebook.
  • World of Darkness - Core data package includes complete material from three books: World of Darkness, Vampire: the Requiem, Changeling: the Lost, and Armory.

Product Details

  • The electronic (download) version of Hero Lab costs $34.99. This allows you to use Hero Lab on two separate computers (with free secondary license) and includes one game system of your choice.
  • After installing Hero Lab and activating your license, you can purchase access to additional game systems as well as supplements to your original game system through our on-line store.
  • Requires PC (Windows XP or newer, but NOT Windows RT) or Mac (OS X 10.5 and newer), with internet access.