Pathfinder Advanced Classes Playtest Coming for Hero Lab

We’d like to announce that we will be supporting the playtest for the Advanced Classes Guide with a free add-on for everyone with the Pathfinder game system in Hero Lab. We’ve begun work on it, and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we didn’t get access to this any earlier than anyone else, so we’re only getting started today, and it’s going to take us a little while to finish entering everything in this 51 page playtest package. We don’t currently have an estimate on when we’ll be able to get it to you, but we’ll finish it as soon as we can.

A warning about this playtest material; once the Advanced Classes Guide itself is released (it’s scheduled for a Gen Con 2014 release), all of the playtest material will become a part of our Advanced Classes Guide package. For those who purchase this package once it’s released, the characters you’ve created during the playtest will continue to work in Hero Lab, and you’ll get access to the new content added in the full book (with the caveat that if something about the class changes between the playtest and the full version, there may be some changes you need to make – for example, if the class selects from among several abilities, and one of the options you selected for that slot is removed after the playtest, your character will have an unselected ability to choose, in order to replace the one that’s no longer legal). If you do not purchase the Advanced Classes Guide package, any levels of the playtest classes will be removed from any characters that used them. (As a note, this is the same way we handled the APG, UC, and UM playtest classes in Hero Lab).

Also, be aware that this is playtest material. We’ll try to keep up with any official updates to the playtest as it proceeds, but we’ll always be at least a few days behind. Also, if things about these classes change during the playtest period, existing characters using the class that changed may end up with errors.

When we have an ETA for release, we will share an update on our website, the forumsFacebook and Twitter.