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Trying to find the perfect gift for your gamer friend or family member? Give them the gift of Hero Lab!

Hero Lab is our award-winning character management software for RPGs. Create new characters (and re-create old ones), manage character evolution, print character sheets, and use your laptop at the game table. Hero Lab can be used with many of your favorite games, including Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Shadowrun, Mutants & Masterminds, d20 System, Call of Cthulhu and more!

At this time, only Hero Lab itself, and not additional games or add-on packages, can be purchased as a gift. So if you have friends or family members that are just getting into tabletop RPGs, or have always wanted to give Hero Lab a try, this could be the perfect present for them!

Gifting Hero Lab

Enter the license and order info into this form and then forward the email you receive to the lucky recipient!

Four Steps to Gifting Glory!

  1. Purchase the license normally in our online store using your name and contact info.
  2. Once you receive both the order confirmation email and the license email, enter the order number, license number and your email address into our online gifting form. Once submitted, the license will be converted into a “gift” license.
  3. After the transfer, you’ll be sent an updated email with instructions on how to install the “gift” license.
  4. This email will be written for the lucky recipient, so forward the instructions email to them and start planning your next game session!

Important Notes!

  • A license can only be converted to a gift license BEFORE it is first installed on a computer. Once a license has been activated and used, it cannot be converted.
  • At this time, add-on packages cannot be purchased for gift licenses.