Join the Hero Lab Encounter Builder Beta for Pathfinder!

Hero Lab

At the end of December, we announced the development of the new Encounter Builder for Hero Lab. Well, the wait has almost come to an end… but before we release the Encounter Builder to everyone, we want to get some feedback from our users first.  This is your chance to test out the Encounter Builder before it gets released to the public!

What is the Encounter Builder?

The new Encounter Builder allows GMs to create encounters for parties of all levels in minutes. For Pathfinder, all you need to do is select the Challenge Rating (CR) you’re aiming for and you’re well on your way to putting together the perfect encounter for your game! This new tool, built into Hero Lab, takes advantage of the stock portfolios already available to Hero Lab users, and streamlines the process for GMs as they create encounters. By setting the CR and searching keywords (desert, cave, forest, etc.), the Encounter Builder will sift through the stock portfolios (over 4,000 included for Pathfinder!) and narrow down the possibilities. It’ll even tell you what CR your encounter is rated at as you build it.

To learn more about the Encounter Builder and hear from the developers currently working on the project, check out our December announcement!

How to Sign Up

Please note: While the Encounter Builder will be available for all game systems, this Beta version will only be available for use with the Pathfinder game system. You must have the Pathfinder game system for your Hero Lab license to take part in the Beta.

Sign up for our beta mailing list here. If you signed up for our Hero Lab Beta in December, you’re already on our list! We’re planning to send out the beta by the end of the month, so look for an email around then! We’ll also announce on Facebook and Twitter when we release the Beta.


Thank you in advance to all our future Beta testers! We have more exciting plans for Hero Lab, so stay tuned by signing up for our monthly newsletter, “liking us” on Facebook, and following us on Twitter.