Version 8.8 of the Pathfinder Files Now Available!

A new update of the Pathfinder files is now available through the updates mechanism within Hero Lab.

This update includes Adventure Path #79, “City of Locusts” as a free update for all Pathfinder users. You’ve defended your world from the demons of the Worldwound, but the only way to keep your world safe forever is to defeat the Lord of the Locust Host. Will you succeed?

To prepare for battle, flesh out your character’s background with this month’s Player Companion: Bastards of Golarion. Choose from ten new heritages, new racial traits, and new character themes. Joining “People of the Sands”, this book will be available in Player Companion #14, available now for only $4.99! For a full list of what was included in this month’s update, including bug fixes, check out our forums!

Also available this month is Rite Publishing’s, “The Secrets of Adventuring”! This book provides new choices for the usual Pathfinder character options, and also takes a new approach to classes. If your players aren’t interested in the hack and slash approach, provide them with the option of Tactical Archetypes! Rite Publishing has partnered with Hero Lab to release Chapters 1-6 this month, and more chapters will be released over the following months as free updates to anyone that has purchased the package. Refresh your game today with “The Secrets of Adventuring” for only $14.99!