Encounter Builder Beta Released

Hero Lab

Thank you to everyone that expressed an interest in the Encounter Builder Beta! We’re happy to announce that the beta is now available to all of our beta testers – if you signed up, check your email and download it now!

For those who haven’t heard, an Encounter Builder is coming for all game systems supported within Hero Lab® ! This new tool will make it easier to put together encounters for your game. Instead of trying to wade through the stock characters and monsters available within Hero Lab, you can create encounters based on the difficulty of the enemies. For Pathfinder, all you need to do is select the CR and you’re one step closer to putting together the ideal encounter for your players.

For anyone who signed up to be a Beta tester, you’ve received an email with instructions on how to access the game system and report bugs. If you signed up for the Beta and haven’t received an email, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the email, please email our support team.

If you’re interested in Beta testing for Hero Lab in the future, please signup for our beta mailing list.

Thanks again to our Beta team for participating! Because of your feedback, you’ll help us ensure everything is working well prior to public release. Make sure to try out the Encounter Builder when you prepare for your next game session, and let us know how it goes!