Hero Lab v5.0 is Available!

Hero Lab

We’re excited to share that a new version of Hero Lab – version 5.0 – is now available! This new release includes two exciting new updates – our Encounter Builder and the Fate Core game system. The brand-new Encounter Builder has been in testing for a month, and we’ve received a ton of valuable feedback from our beta testers that’s helped us improve the final product. Thanks, everyone!

The first new update included in version 5.0 is the Encounter Builder! This exciting new part of Hero Lab makes it easier for users to put together encounters for your games, for almost any game system supported by Hero Lab! Hero Lab guides you through building the encounter, drawing from all our available stock characters and monsters. For Pathfinder gamers, just select the difficulty (CR in Pathfinder), and you’re one step closer to creating the perfect encounter for your game.

The Encounter Builder will be especially valuable for users that like to take advantage of Hero Lab’s built-in stock characters and monsters. Most of our game systems have dozens or hundreds of pre-built NPCs for you to use – 3,500+ stock characters in Pathfinder alone! When you create an encounter in the Encounter Builder, you can find characters by simply searching for keywords. Are your players fighting in the desert? Search for “desert” and let Hero Lab do the heavy lifting! Hero Lab checks the name, description, and statblock of every stock character for that word or phrase, and displays the list of characters with a match. It’s that easy! Looking for more info? Check out our initial Encounter Builder announcement.

This update also includes the Fate Core game system for all users with a Hero Lab license! Building a character for Fate Accelerated? We’ve got you covered! Both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated are supported within this new update.

We received a lot of excellent feedback from our beta testers, and we think Fate Core gamers are going to like what they see! For those of you who haven’t explored Fate Core, we definitely encourage you to check it out!

Both the Hero Lab Encounter Builder and the Fate Core game system are available as free updates for all Hero Lab users! To keep up to date on more exciting changes to Hero Lab in the future, so keep your eyes open for more Hero Lab news throughout the year!