Shadowrun 5 News, Encounter Builder Updates, and Pathfinder® Releases

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Shadowrun 5 News!

The shadows are coming…

We’re thrilled to announce that Shadowrun 5 is officially in beta testing! While we’re not looking for additional testers, you won’t have to wait long to add it to your collection. Shadowrun 5 should be available to the public early next month, with the release of Hero Lab 5.2!

What’s new in Shadowrun 5? We’ve spent the last few months implementing all the rules changes from 4th edition, added drag and drop support to make it easy to choose your character’s priorities, and much more! Check out some of the screenshots we’ve shared over the past few months to get an idea of what’s in store for SR5.

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Hero Lab 5.1 and Encounter Builder Updates

hl51-sneakpeekFor all of you Encounter Builder fans, we have some exciting news for you! A new Hero Lab update will be rolling out for a handful of game systems next week. Mutants and Masterminds users will be able to filter NPCs by Power Level, and filtering by Challenge Rating (CR) will be added for Pathfinder, Pathfinder Beginner Box, and d20 System users. Finally, even more images for stock characters will be added for Pathfinder users to help bring the story to life!

Let us know what you think of the new Encounter Builder by joining the conversation on our forums!

Upcoming Pathfinder Releases

innerseagodsPathfinder users will see a couple of new books planned in this month’s release. One of the most anticipated updates is “Inner Sea Gods”, available soon for only $9.99. As you travel through the Inner Sea, all characters can seek favor from this new pantheon of gods. With access to over 300 deities within Hero Lab, build your character with exciting new feats and prestige classes. Over 100 new magic items are also at your disposal for all character classes! You don’t need to be a religious class to take advantage of what this book has to offer. Be on the lookout for “Inner Sea Gods” at the end of April!

You’ll have a chance to try your hand at alchemy or prepare for battle against the undead with our new Player Companion #15 package, available at the end of this month! This package will include the “Undead Slayer’s Handbook” and “Alchemy Manual” player companion books, for only $4.99. Pathfinder users will also receive “Empty Graves”, the latest installment in the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path, as a free update within Hero Lab.

Excited for the “Inner Sea Combat” campaign setting? That book will be releasing as a part of the May Pathfinder release next month. The Hero Lab team worked their tails off trying to get this book into April’s release, but given the amount of new releases and the time we were provided with the material, we had to make the tough decision to push it off until May. Sorry everyone! We’ll do our best to catch up soon.

Stay tuned for additional Pathfinder news in this month’s newsletter!