Hero Lab & Android FAQ

Hero Lab

Since bringing Hero Lab to the iPad last year, we’ve had many Android fans asking about our plans for bringing Hero Lab to Android devices. We thought it would be helpful to answer some of these Frequently Asked Questions, which will hopefully explain more about our plans for Hero Lab on Android. If you’re an iOS user, you can learn more about our latest plans for iOS here.

Why iPad, and Not Android?

Many users have asked why we chose to develop an app for iPad first, and why we haven’t yet released anything on Android. Colen, the Lead Developer for Hero Lab, answered these questions on a recent Know Direction podcast, so if you’re curious, please check it out! The link should take you directly to the appropriate part of the podcast, or you can skip to timestamp 57:20. (We encourage you to watch the rest of it as well, though!)

Hero Lab for Android – Why Not a Kickstarter?

Android_Robot_200As we explained in our April newsletter, we’re currently focusing on Hero Lab for iPad instead of bringing Hero Lab to other tablet platforms. Because we’re such a small company, we simply can’t afford to have multiple development teams working on different aspects of Hero Lab simultaneously, especially not complex ones like porting Hero Lab to an entirely new platform like Android.

Many of you suggested a Kickstarter as a solution to this problem. A successful Kickstarter could bring in extra funds to aid development of Hero Lab for Android, but a Kickstarter doesn’t solve what we call the “time problem”. It may be surprising, but on-boarding and managing a new developer on a project they’re unfamiliar with takes a significant amount of time, as does simply running a Kickstarter (as we found with our Realm Works kickstarter, it’s a full-time job). With everything else that’s going on, we unfortunately don’t have the bandwidth to do that while continuing to make progress on our other Hero Lab commitments.

In summary, a kickstarter isn’t something we can make a decision on right now. We’ll be able to better assess whether it’s a viable option once we’re further along with our plans for Hero Lab on the iPad, and when we have news one way or another, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Lone Wolf & Android – What Can You do?

Our hope is that this post will help all our users understand our reasoning for tackling Hero Lab for iPad first, and give some insight into our plans for the future. We wish we could bring Hero Lab to everyone on every operating system and every device, but that’s simply not practical to do all at once, as we’ve explained above.

There’s also something we’d like your help with. Comments about Android on unrelated Facebook/Google Plus posts can hide information that’s important to other users, so instead of posting there, please make your comments in the Hero Lab on Android thread on our forums. That way you can make your voice heard, without unintentionally eclipsing questions from other users related to the post. And if you see someone mention Hero Lab for Android on Facebook, Twitter, or another forum somewhere, feel free to point them to this post!

Hopefully the above answers your questions! If you see someone else with questions about Hero Lab for Android, you can direct them here. If we have news to share about Android, we’ll be sharing it far and wide – it’ll be very hard to miss it!

Communicating Our Plan

If and when we decide to support Android, or if we make a decision regarding a Kickstarter, we‘ll announce it on our website, in our monthly newsletter, and on our various social media sites. So if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Thanks for your support of Hero Lab!