Mutants & Masterminds: Power Profiles Now Available

Mutants & Masterminds fans, Power Profiles is now available for Hero Lab for only $9.99! Grab it today, and choose from almost 1000 powers when building your character!

Update for Mutants & Masterminds

With the release of Power Profiles for M&M 3rd edition, we’ve made some improvements to how Hero Lab handles powers made up of effects and extras. When you add one of these powers to your M&M3 character, Hero Lab now builds the power for you from those base effects, allowing complete customization of what you added.

For example, adding the Sleep power now adds “Ranged Affliction (fatigued, exhausted, asleep, resisted by fortitude)”. If your custom sleep power works a little differently, you can now change those conditions to anything you like, without having to build the power from the ground up!

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