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Adding a feat on the iPad

Greetings again, iPadeers! This is Colen, lead developer of Hero Lab, here with some news. It’s been a month since we last discussed how things were going on Hero Lab for iPad, so please, pull up a chair and I’ll fill you in on all the latest gossip. Can I pour you a coffee? Milk and sugar are on the table.

As I mentioned last month, we’ve been adding features to the iPad that are needed for full character creation for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Last month, we added the capability for you to change hero settings and sourcebooks, and create & delete characters and saved portfolios. This month, here are some of the projects our team has been working on to make the iPad experience better:

  • We now display formatted text (bold, italic, colors, etc) in description text on choose screens and info windows. This means that when you’re picking a new feat or weapon for your hero, you’ll see errors displayed in red text just like you do on the desktop, as well as bold and italic highlighting where appropriate.
  • In addition to last month’s update for the iPad, which cut the time to save a portfolio in half, we’ve pulled some more tricks out of our toolbox and cut save time in half again. With these changes, the time it takes to save files should be significantly faster than before, especially on older iPads.
  • When you’re adding new classes, feats, or spells to your hero, you can now choose between showing all possibilities, or only the ones valid for the character, just like you can on the desktop. This change makes it a lot easier to build your character, as you can ignore the hundreds of feats and weapons that your character doesn’t qualify for!
  • Doing certain things (searching for spells to put into a scroll, or deleting mounts, hirelings, and other child characters) could take a very long time. We’ve optimized our code to make these operations significantly faster than before.
  • Tabs that previously weren’t available on the iPad (like the Class tab or Configure Hero form) have been updated to look good on the new iPad platform, an important step.
  • We’ve also found and fixed a number of bugs, some of which were previously causing crashes, so everyone’s iPad experience should now be significantly more stable than it was before.

Adding a class level on the iPad

The Hero Lab team has been making good headway on all of these tasks, and we’re steadily ploughing through our to-do list. We’re currently planning to submit this Hero Lab update to the app store sometime in late July. Exact timing depends on how long Apple’s approval process takes, but if all goes well, Hero Lab for iPad should be in your hands around the end of next month!

Once we release the updated Hero Lab for iPad, you’ll be able to create and edit characters on your iPad with all of your purchased Pathfinder content at your disposal. To activate this content and the new character creation capabilities, you’ll link the app with one of your Hero Lab licenses, just like you would do with any other computer. Since you can’t use the same license code on different computers, you’ll have one license code for each desktop or laptop you use Hero Lab on, and you’ll use a separate license number for your iPad.

Remember, each copy of Hero Lab includes one additional, free secondary license code, so your initial purchase enables the use of two devices, such as your desktop and your laptop (or soon, your laptop and your iPad!). You can also obtain additional licenses for Hero Lab to run on even more devices that you own. Each additional license beyond the first two costs only $10, granting full access to all the content you’ve purchased. Speaking of secondary licenses, we’re excited to announce that upon release of the iPad update, we’ll be increasing the maximum device limit to 5! Now you have even more to look forward to with the release of this new update.

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