Lone Wolf Booth & Character Creation Station – Gen Con 2014

If you’re attending Gen Con, be sure to stop by both our booth in the exhibit hall and our Character Creation Station in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area. We have a lot of cool stuff to see and do for all attendees, so don’t leave for the weekend without stopping by!

Lone Wolves in the Exhibit Hall


We’re the red circle – click to enlarge the picture!

We’re located in the exhibit hall at booth #617. When entering the hall, enter in through the far left entrance, and you’ll find our booth in the second main side-to-side corridor within the hall next to Catalyst Game Labs (#417) and Mesa Mundi (also #617).

Realm Works Demos

Come see the ENnie-nominated campaign management tool that all the gamers are talking about! Realm Works is our revolutionary new software tool, helping you organize your game so that you can focus on engaging with your players and telling your story. This powerful tool delivers unparalleled functionality and control for GMs and players alike. Realm Works is “game system neutral”, allowing GMs to create, manage and then share their world, regardless of the game system. With Realm Works, you just need one tool, rather than trying to cobble things together with multiple, disconnected applications.


Grab a demo of Realm Works and Hero Lab for iPad (above) at Booth #617!

If you’ve seen Realm Works before, come check out the cool new features we’ve been adding over the last few months. If not, come see why Realm Works is a must-have app for GMs at Booth #617!

Hero Lab for iPad Demos

Pathfinder characters have leveled up with Hero Lab for iPad! Not only can you use our iPad app as a digital character sheet, but you can now create and level up your Pathfinder characters – just like you would on the desktop. See how to create a character on the iPad at booth #617!

Hero Lab Character Creation Station


Ryan, one of our volunteers, chatting with a user about Hero Lab

Try out our ENnie Award winning character management software and learn why it’s the “go to” character creator for tens of thousands of users around the world!

Our Character Creation Station is located inside the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area in the Sagamore Ballrooms. Build a Pathfinder Society character to use at the con, or just drop by if you’re curious and want to try Hero Lab for yourself. You can come to the Character Creation Station and build a character for any events in which you’re participating, regardless of which game you play!

Even if you just want to make sure your character meets all the necessary requirements for your day’s games, feel free to stop by and check out Hero Lab. Existing Hero Lab users are also welcome to update their characters between games. Just look for the big Character Creation Station banner in the back of the hall near the Beginner Box tables and the Info Booth!