Hero Lab and the iOS 8 beta

Hero Lab

Hi everyone! Hero Lab developers here, with some information for you about Hero Lab and the iOS 8 beta. This message is intended for the developers among you who are running iOS 8 on your iPads and would like to use Hero Lab with it. Unless you’re running the iOS 8 beta, the issues describe here do not affect you.

We’ve done some testing on Hero Lab running under the iOS 8 beta, and it appears that there are two separate bugs in iOS 8 that are preventing Hero Lab from running properly. 🙁 One bug stops us from being able to show the Help screen and other similar screens. The other, more serious, issue means that when you load a portfolio in the app, you simply get a black screen. Unfortunately, this second issue means that Hero Lab cannot be used under iOS 8 at this time.

We’ve reported these bugs to Apple, and they will hopefully get them resolved in a future iOS 8 beta. We’ll keep an eye on things and let you know when the bugs are fixed and Hero Lab can run correctly on iOS 8.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!


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