Lone Wolf Seminars – Gen Con 2014


David, a developer, showing off Realm Works

We’ll have a number of ways that you can meet the Lone Wolf team at Gen Con and ask your most burning questions. Of course, you can stop by our booth in the exhibit hall (#617), but we also have a number of seminars throughout the weekend and a Meet & Greet. We hope you can stop by at least one event before the weekend is out!


This year we’ll be running a record seven seminars at Gen Con! We’re especially delighted to share that we’ll be hosting a panel on Saturday, called “From Print to Digital: Changing the RPG Landscape”. This panel will include a group of industry innovators that have responded to the growing use of technology in gaming with creations like Pathfinder Online™, Codename: Morningstar,, Hero Lab, and Realm Works. You can learn more about the seminar on our website.

You’ll find our seminars at the following places and times:

Thursday Seminars:

  • 2-4pm (Westin Council) – SEM1453918 Hero Lab® – Introduction to Adding Your Own Content – Learn how to add content to Hero Lab for Pathfinder and other games, from one of our data file authors! This session is for users that haven’t used the Editor before, or are just getting started.

Realm Works in action!

Friday Seminars:

  • 11am-1pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453920 Realm Works® 101 – Streamlined Campaign Management for GMs & Players – Find out why Realm Works is the tool every GM has dreamed about for managing campaigns! This seminar focuses on the basics of content development and organization. Transform the way you run your game!
  • 2-4pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453919 Hero Lab® – Advanced Tips & Tricks for Adding Your Own Content – Learn how to take Hero Lab authoring to the next level! This session is for users that are familiar with the basics, but want to learn more. Bring your “.user” files for help on specific problems!
  • 4-5pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453921 Realm Works® – Tips & Tricks – Join us for a detailed look at some of the powerful tips and tricks available for experienced users of Realm Works. Hosted by the lead developer of Realm Works, you’ll be learning from the best!
  • 5-6pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453922 Preparing Content to Share through the Realm Works® Content Market – Whether you plan to publish content or share it freely, this seminar will delve into techniques for preparing content to share or sell through the Realm Works Content Market.

Saturday Seminars:

  • 1-2pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station A) – SEM1453924 From Print to Digital: Changing the RPG Landscape – As gamers find more uses for technology, publishers are finding new ways to bridge the gap from print to digital. Hear from some of the big names in RPGs discuss what they’re doing to adapt.
  • 4-5pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station A) – SEM1453923 Transforming the Player Experience with Realm Works® – See for yourself how Realm Works can immerse the players in your story! This session will demonstrate some of the ways Realm Works can be leveraged to more deeply engage players at the table.

We’re planning to record our seminars and put them up on our YouTube channel following the show (barring any unforeseen technical issues), but the best way to get your questions answered is to grab your tickets and ask them in person!