Hero Lab for iPad – Dropbox Support Now Available!

Hero Lab

Transfer characters using Dropbox!

Transferring characters between your iPad and your computers just got a whole lot easier! A new update is now out for the Hero Lab iPad app, which allows you to link Hero Lab for iPad to your Dropbox account. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to share photos, documents, videos, and other files between all of your devices.

Imagine this: You’ve created a character on your laptop for an upcoming game. You’re eager to play your new barbarian, Chop, but you’d rather bring your iPad to your friend’s house than your laptop. Just save Chop’s portfolio to Hero Lab’s folder within Dropbox on your computer, and that portfolio will automatically be available on your iPad wherever you have an internet connection. What if Chop levels up at the game? No worries, make the changes on your iPad and they’ll be automatically synced back to Dropbox on your computer. It’s that easy!

A basic Dropbox account lets you store 2GB of files – that’s enough space for all the Pathfinder characters you could possibly need – and it’s free! By connecting Hero Lab to your Dropbox account, a special folder will be created within your Dropbox to store your portfolios. Any portfolios held there will be accessible on Hero Lab for iPad as well as on your desktop or laptop computers.

Note: Currently, portfolios must be listed within the main “apps/hero lab” folder within Dropbox. Portfolios within subfolders won’t be visible. This is a limitation that will be resolved in a future update.

Create Pathfinder Characters on Your iPad!


Create and level up your characters from the iPad!

Haven’t checked out the Hero Lab app for iPad? With our latest update, Hero Lab for iPad now leads you through Pathfinder character creation and advancement, helping at each step along the way. Just like on your desktop or laptop computer, all the Pathfinder content associated with your Hero Lab license is at your disposal when building your characters!

To activate this content and the app’s new character creation capabilities, you’ll need to link the app with a new or unused Hero Lab license number, just like you do on your desktop or laptop. For more information on how to activate the character creation capabilities on your iPad, check out our website.