Hero Lab for iPad Update Now Available! – iOS 8 Fixes and Additional Dropbox support

Hero Lab

Create and level up your characters from the iPad!

Hero Lab for iPad is ready for iOS 8! Now approved by Apple, this update solves issues that were seen in the iOS 8 beta and includes some updates to our Dropbox support. For those of you that held off on updating to iOS 8, thank you for your patience as we waited for the update to be approved.

If you use Dropbox with Hero Lab for iPad, you can now duplicate, rename, and otherwise customize your files within Dropbox, just like you can on the iPad, with the “Manage Portfolios” button. Now it’s easier than ever to share and manage your portfolios between your computer and your iPad!

Create Pathfinder Characters on Your iPad!

Haven’t checked out the Hero Lab app for iPad? With our latest update, Hero Lab for iPad now leads you through Pathfinder character creation and advancement, helping at each step along the way. Just like on your desktop or laptop computer, all the Pathfinder content associated with your Hero Lab license is at your disposal when building your characters!

To activate this content and the app’s new character creation capabilities, you’ll need to link the app with a new or unused Hero Lab license number, just like you do on your desktop or laptop. For more information on how to activate the character creation capabilities on your iPad, check out our website.