Shadowrun 4th Edition – Gun Heaven 3 Now Available!

A new Shadowrun 4th Edition update is now available for Hero Lab users! This update adds Gun Heaven 3 to the existing PDF#3 package, which is available for only $9.99 and already contains Euro War Antiques, Gun Heaven 2, Magical Societies, MilSpec Tech 2, the Nightfire Presents chapter of Runner’s Black Book 2074, and Used Car Lot.

Choose from over 30 new firearms, from pistols to machine guns, and even fire-throwers. Choose your weapon now, with Gun Heaven 3.

Shadowrun 5th Edition Gun Heaven 3

Gun Heaven will also be available for Shadowrun 5th Edition Hero Lab users. The Shadowrun 5 update is still in development, and will be available soon. When it is available for purchase, we will share the news here on our website and on social media.

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