RESOLVED: Army Builder / Hero Lab Server Down for Planned Migration

At the beginning of the month, we shared our plan to take the Army Builder and Hero Lab sales & licensing server temporarily offline as part of an upcoming migration to a new data center. The server officially went offline last night and is still offline at the time of this news post.

Unfortunately, while the server is offline, users will be unable to do the following:

  • Activate Hero Lab or Army Builder licenses
  • Download data file updates, or
  • Make any purchases from our web site.

This will hopefully only last a few hours. We will of course work to keep this as limited as possible, and will update our users here on our website and on our Facebook pages, Twitter, and Google+

We understand that this downtime may be frustrating for our users, but it is a necessary part of moving the server to newer, more powerful hardware and a more reliable internet connection, which will allow us to keep it running smoothly in the future. Thank you for understanding.


Update: 14/10/24 at 9:15 am PDT

The Army Builder and Hero Lab sales & licensing server is still temporarily offline. We know users may require Hero Lab and Army Builder updates for their weekend games, so our goal is to not extend the downtime any longer than needed. However, it’s also important that the work being completed is done correctly. We’ll update this news post when the server is back online, and we thank all of our users for their continued patience.


Update: 14/10/24 at 4:48 pm PDT

Our licensing server has been brought back online, and users can now activate their Hero Lab or Army Builder license and download data file updates.

Our sales website is still unavailable, but should be back online later tonight. We’ll update this news post when our sales site is back online, and we want to continue to thank our users for their patience.


Update: 14/10/24 at 6:20 pm PDT

The Army Builder and Hero Lab sales site is officially back online. A huge thank you to all of our users for your patience and understanding during this migration.