Mac Users: OS X 10.5 No Longer Supported for Hero Lab and Army Builder

OS X 10.5 turned 7 years old as of this Sunday, a little over a week after OS X 10.10 was released to Mac users. While both Army Builder and Hero Lab work on this operating system and have worked for many years, as of the next release OS X 10.5 will no longer be supported for either program.

If you’re an OS X 10.5 user, please be aware that future versions of Hero Lab and Army Builder may not run on that operating system. While we’ll do our best to keep both programs working, we recommend OS X 10.5 users to upgrade your OS if able. For those of you continuing to use OS X 10.5, if we are unable to keep our programs running on that OS in future, you’ll still be able to use the current versions of both Hero Lab and Army Builder, and should not run into any issues.


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