November Pathfinder Update and the “Advanced Bestiary” from Green Ronin

November Pathfinder Updates

pathfinderYou don’t have to be in the thick of the fighting to make a difference on the battlefield! “Ranged Tactics Toolbox”, the latest Player Companion for Pathfinder, provides players with new ranged weapons and over 20 new feats to influence the tide of the battle from afar. This new book joins “Champions of Corruption” and “Advanced Class Origins” as a part of Player Companion #17, which is available now for only $4.99!

For those of you waiting for the rest of Advanced Class Origins, we’ve added the remaining content to Player Companion #17. The perfect complement to the Advanced Class Guide, you can grab it today for only $4.99!

After learning more about the prophet, you and your party must journey into the Scar of the Spider in hopes of discovering the secrets to defeating the Iron God of the Silver Mount. Will you be able to escape the canyon with your lives, or will you fall victim to the alien monsters that have taken up residence? Find out in the latest chapter of the “Iron Gods” Adventure path, “Valley of the Brain Collectors”. We’ve added all of the player content as a part of our free update, available now!

Finally, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums. Keep up with the latest Hero Lab news and “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.

“Advanced Bestiary” from Green Ronin

AdvBestiaryCoverThe original “Advanced Bestiary” was a favorite among d20 players, and it’s now been updated for the Pathfinder RPG! With over 100 new templates, from the blood knight to the id ooze, you’ll have an endless supply of customized creatures to expand your world and populate your dungeons.

To learn more about the Advanced Bestiary, check out the Green Ronin website. And don’t forget to pick up the new Advanced Bestiary addon for Hero Lab, available now for only $19.99!

Are  you an Advanced Bestiary backer that received the Hero Lab content through your backer reward level? All eligible backers that responded to the survey and provided their Hero Lab information to Green Ronin will automatically have the package added to their license. If you’re an Advanced Bestiary backer with an active Hero Lab license and don’t see the Advanced Bestiary content, simply reactivate your License from the Hero Lab license menu. If you still don’t see it after that, we recommend you contact Green Ronin through the Advanced Bestiary Kickstarter page.