Gothic Campaign Compendium Now Available in Hero Lab

Gothic-CompilationAre you preparing for a horror-themed Pathfinder adventure or campaign? The Gothic Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games is an indispensable resource for adding chilling surprises and horrifying new possibilities to your game, and it’s now available for Hero Lab!

Choose from two dozen feats like Cultic Opiate and Heart Ripper, 70 horror-themed spells from necrophagy to ancient mysteries, and more! Whether you’re fighting a blood-thirsty cult of vampires or a horrific alien invasion, this new package is a must-have for any gothic-themed game!

To learn more about the Gothic Campaign Compendium, check out the Legendary Games website. And don’t forget to pick up the Gothic Campaign Compendium for Hero Lab available now for only $14.99!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at around 2:00 pm PST. We’ll be giving away a number of horrifying (in a goodway) prizes!


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