New in Pathfinder – Polymorph, Wild Shape, and more!

As they level up, many Pathfinder characters gain spells and abilities which can be used to shapeshift into different forms. Wizards can cast Polymorph and Alter Self, Druids use their Wild Shape ability to turn into beasts and even elementals, and other classes can use similar powers.

Tracking the bonuses and abilities gained (and lost) from these spells is complicated, and has traditionally been a cumbersome task… until now! *dramatic drum roll, cue music*


You’ll find many new Spell Adjustments in this month’s Pathfinder update, such as Beast Shape, Form of the Dragon, Polymorph, and more! Adding any of these adjustments on the In-Play tab allows you to pick a new form based on those available for the spell, as displayed above. (You’ll only see new forms from races you have access to in Hero Lab – for example, to see most monsters from the Bestiary in the list for Beast Shape, you’ll need the Bestiary supplement package.)

Once added, the abilities and natural attacks possessed by the new form are made available to your character to use. Note that the spell you use to change shape may exclude some of the features of your new form – for example, if you use the Alter Self spell to shapeshift into a member of the Lizardfolk race, you gain the race’s natural attacks (as all Polymorph abilities grant those) and the Swim speed of the race (since Alter Self specifically grants that ability), but not the Lizardfolk’s Hold Breath ability, as it isn’t mentioned by the Alter Self spell.

Similarly, you can disable any racial or class abilities that are lost during the use of the spell (typically those that are closely linked to your physical form). We recommend discussing that list with your GM, as the rules for Polymorph spells are defined with a lot of room for interpretation. If you decide that an ability from your original race or class should be lost, simply uncheck it on the screen above.

Like all adjustments, these new ones can be turned on and off with a click of the mouse. If you have several alternate forms you often switch between, just add an adjustment for each, and switch between them whenever you want. Class abilities, like a druid’s Wild Shape, are also supported – just hit the “Edit” button on the new entry for “Wild Shape” on the In-Play tab, and choose which form you want to shift into.

We hope you enjoy this free update to the Pathfinder data files, which will be available later this week! As always, let us know what you think on Facebook and our forums.