Planned Website Downtime

Beginning Wednesday evening into Thursday morning, the company that hosts our website will be taking our server temporarily offline for 2-3 hours as a part of our migration to a new data center. As was the case when we moved the Army Builder and Hero Lab sales & licensing server, this migration will move the website server to newer hardware and a more reliable internet connection, which will allow us to keep it running smoothly in the future.

Unfortunately, while the server is offline, users will be unable to visit our website (, our forums (, or visit the Hero Lab authoring kit wiki. Users will also be unable to download updates from our Hero Lab downloads page, the Army Builder downloads page, or the Realm Works downloads page during the downtime. Additionally, because all official Hero Lab downloads, and the Army Builder and Realm Works product downloads are hosted on our website, users will be unable to update through the automatic updates mechanism. Therefore, we encourage all users to grab the latest updates prior to Wednesday if you have any games planned this week.

The Army Builder and Hero Lab license management site ( will not be affected by this downtime, and Hero Lab users will still be able to purchase addons. Army Builder users with an active license will still be able to receive updates for game systems through the automatic updates mechanism, as those files are hosted by community members.

We understand that giving such a large window is not ideal for our users, but we hope that this prior warning will help you avoid any major inconvenience while the website is offline. Thank you for your understanding.