February’s Pathfinder Update: Orcs, and Giants, and Wild Shape – Oh My!

Pathfinder: Polymorph, Wild Shape, and more!

In the past, tracking bonuses and abilities gained (and lost) from Wild Shape, Polymorph, and other similar spells has been a complicated, unwieldy process for gamers. We’re excited to announce that you’ll find many new Spell Adjustments, such as Beast Shape, Form of the Dragon, Polymorph, and more in this month’s Pathfinder update!

Activating any of these new adjustments or shapeshifting abilities allow you to pick a new form, from wolves to giants to dragons, and adds the appropriate bonuses to your character – all with a single click of the mouse!

If your character uses these abilities, we recommend you check out the news article on our web site for more details about how Hero Lab is about to make your game even better!

February Pathfinder Update

Brutal orc hordes threaten the existence of villages and kingdoms everywhere! Will your players choose to venture into the orcs’ territory to defend the innocent?

Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, the latest Pathfinder Player Companion, provides GMs with new options to create realistic orc friends and foes within their worlds. From a pantheon of orc-specific gods to war machines created by the most devilishly creative orc engineers, this add-on enriches the story and arsenal of the classic fantasy monster. Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes joins Undead Unleashed, Ships of the Inner Sea, and Lost Treasures in our Campaign Setting #13 package for only $4.99!

Giantslayer Adventure Path – Chapter 1: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill

The next adventure has begun! You and your party have set out to investigate a mysterious death in the town of Trunau. However, before you can determine what happened, the town comes under attack by a terrifying orc raid. Will you defend the town, or be crushed by the vicious orcs? Find out in the first chapter of the Giantslayer Adventure Path, Battle of Bloodmarch Hill. We’ve added all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Additional Updates

As always, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums. To keep up with the latest Hero Lab news, make sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, “follow” @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and “follow” Lone Wolf Development on Google+.