Hero Lab for iPad Update – Dropbox Changes

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Hero Lab will ask to move your portfolios to the new Dropbox location.

Have you connected Hero Lab for iPad to your Dropbox account? If so, here’s an important update to be aware of!

As of the next update (v6.2.2), Hero Lab for iPad will look for Pathfinder portfolios in a different folder in your Dropbox: Dropbox\Apps\Hero Lab\Pathfinder. Previously, portfolios were stored in Dropbox\Apps\Hero Lab.

What does this mean? When you open Hero Lab for iPad following this new update, the app will notify you that it wants to move your portfolios to this new location. Until you allow the app to do this, Hero Lab will not be able to view or edit your characters in your Dropbox.

This new update will be available later this week, and we’ll announce the release on the Hero Lab Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+. In the meantime, you don’t need to do anything until Hero Lab asks to move the files for you. For further information about this change, we’ve included some additional details below:

Additional Details

Do you have questions about this new Hero Lab for iPad change? We’ve included some FAQs that may arise following this update. If yours are not answered below, please contact our Support Team.

  • Which files will be moved by this change? – Only files in the “Dropbox\Apps\Hero Lab” folder. All portfolios in “Dropbox\Apps\Hero Lab” will be moved to “Dropbox\Apps\Hero Lab\Pathfinder”. No portfolio files outside of Dropbox will be moved.
  • What do I need to do? – You don’t need to do anything until the app updates and asks you to! After you update Hero Lab for iPad to the latest version (v6.2.2), the app will ask you to allow it to move your portfolio files to the new folder. After you click “Move Portfolios”, Hero Lab for iPad will do everything for you.
  • I don’t see my portfolios in Dropbox on my Hero Lab for iPad app. What should I do? – First, make sure that you have the new version of Hero Lab for iPad (v6.2.2). If you have the latest version and you still don’t see the message in the screenshot on the right, you can manually move the portfolios to the new folder within Dropbox from your computer or the Dropbox app. Make sure you move them to “Dropbox\Apps\Hero Lab\Pathfinder”.

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