Coming Soon: New Custom Monster Options for Pathfinder!

Pathfinder GMs – get ready, because we’re about to knock your socks off! This month’s Pathfinder update, which will be available in late April, includes shiny new monster customization options in Hero Lab! So get ready for Liz to take you through what this will mean for your games…



Customize your monsters with new options in the upcoming Pathfinder release!

Hi everyone! Liz here, and I’ll be showing off the new monster customization options coming in this month’s Pathfinder update. With this new update, users with the Bestiary add-on package can now customize racial special abilities for existing races! That’s right – you can now take an existing race and add resistances, immunities, new attacks, and even completely new abilities, all without touching Hero Lab’s editor!

To show what you can do with this new capability, I’m going to bring you along on my quest to create Bernard, a mutant Owlbear. Poor Bernard was caught up in a tragic radioactivity-related accident, caused by some negligent wizards (workplace safety laws on Golarion aren’t all they’re cracked up to be). Ever since the incident, he’s acquired a number of strange abilities and has even sprouted a few tentacles. Understandably, by Owlbear logic, he’s sworn vengeance on all wizards – good and evil.

So how will I go about building Bernard? First, I made sure that I was building an NPC character, instead of a Player Character. After checking that I had the “Bestiary” add-on package selected and choosing the Owlbear race, I clicked the “Customize” button and chose “Customize Racial Special Abilities”. Because he’s had to live a hardened life as a mutant Owlbear, I gave him two more hit dice, raised his CR, and added some extraordinary abilities like mutant attribute bonuses and penalties. Of course, being a mutant Owlbear, he has two tentacles to use as an attack in addition to his bite and claws. If I hadn’t spent so much time deciding what fun abilities to give Bernard, the whole process would have taken me about, oh, 3 minutes.


Bernard the mutant Owlbear – created with the new customization tools in Hero Lab

You can also build monsters from scratch with the “Custom Monster Creation” option, available to users with the Bestiary add-on package. If you haven’t explored that option before, you can learn more from one of our previous newsletters. With the “Custom Monster Creation” option and these new customization choices, you’ve got many different ways to create the perfect monster for your game!

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