“Iron Gods” Pathfinder Adventure Path Now Available for Hero Lab!


The Iron Gods Encounter List

Last month, we released Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition for Hero Lab to rave reviews from GMs, both old and new. Now, Hero Lab users can pick up the recent Iron Gods Pathfinder Adventure Path (AP), and lead their players through an adventure never before seen in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

In this latest Adventure Path package for Hero Lab, players must face the otherworldy Iron Gods and save the technology-driven land of Numeria. Battling barbaric tribes and devious spellcasters along the way, players will advance their characters from 1st to 17th level! Hero Lab already includes player content from each Adventure Path for free, including Iron Gods, and now GMs have all of the encounter essentials from the adventure at their disposal!


A terrifying Augmented Gearsman from
‘Iron Gods’, pre-built in Hero Lab and
ready for action!

With Iron Gods, you can access all of the encounters from this Adventure Path, pre-built and ready for battle. Every encounter is available with just a click of the mouse, including spells, weapons, and special abilities already selected for NPCs. You can import each encounter for immediate use at the game table, and even use Hero Lab’s integrated Tactical Console to manage your combats!

Unlike the published Adventure Path, Hero Lab also provides GMs with all of the monster stats they need, such as Gearsmen and Robots, without the hassle of flipping through your Bestiary book or PDF. Best of all, for any encounter using material from a Pathfinder supplement (like the Advanced Players Guide or the Bestiary), that material will automatically be available for you to use within the Adventure Path! For example, if you don’t own the Inner Sea Bestiary package for Hero Lab – don’t worry! You can still use Longdreamer, a star monarch, in an encounter, view all of her special attacks and abilities, or even print out a character sheet to reference at the game table.

Get “Iron Gods” for Hero Lab Today!


Manage all of the ‘Iron Gods’ encounters in the built-in Hero Lab Tactical Console!

Iron Gods is available to buy now for only $24.99! Currently, this package includes the encounters from Chapters 1-3, with the remaining three chapters to be added as a free update within the next month. With hundreds of encounters across the six-chapter adventure, that’s just a few cents each – a bargain for any busy GM. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website for more information, or to pick-up your copy today!