New to Hero Lab – Device Nicknames

Hero Lab

Specify a device nickname when you reactivate your Hero Lab license!

If you have Hero Lab installed on a number of computers and iPads, it can be a handful keeping track of which license number is activated on which device. We know that this can cause frustration for our users, and we’re happy to announce a new feature introduced in today’s Hero Lab update (v.7.1) that will make it easier to manage your license numbers – device nicknames!

As of this update, when you activate your Hero Lab license, you must now specify a “device nickname” for your computer (for example “Bob’s Laptop” or “Living Room PC”). After you’ve chosen a nickname, your computer will remember it in the future. and you can double-check that you’re activating the correct license number on your preferred device.

Even better, you can review which license numbers are associated with which device nicknames with just a few easy clicks! Just head to, log in with your Hero Lab account information, and select “View All Linked Licenses”. You’ll see a list of all your Hero Lab licenses and the devices they’re in use on. Before activating a license on a new device, we recommend reviewing which license is in use where, so that you know you’re using the correct license number. If you ever need to contact technical support because of problems with your Hero Lab license, this information will also help us troubleshoot more effectively.

If you’ve ever got your license numbers mixed up, this new feature could be a game changer. Update to the latest version of Hero Lab on Windows or Mac, and start setting up those device nicknames today!  (This feature will also come to Hero Lab for iPad with the next update, which we anticipate releasing sometime in August.)

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