Pathfinder Update – Summon Monster Creatures Package & Ultimate Intrigue Playtest

We have a mid-month Pathfinder update for Hero Lab users, in preparation for Gen Con! If you play a character that often summons monsters or creatures, then you should make sure to learn about our new Summon Monster Creatures package. We’re also pleased to announce that the updated version of the Vigilante Playtest is available in Hero Lab! There’s more information about the playtest below, including how long it will be available for free to Hero Lab users.

Summon Monster Creatures Package


Choose a monster to summon from the hundreds of creatures available in the Summon Monster Creature package!

Magic-users have long been able to summon creatures to their aid, but the creatures they can summon are often included in many different supplement books. To assist those characters, we’ve put together a new Summon Monster Creatures package, available now! This new package includes access to every monster listed as a summon option, such as those listed by the Summon Good Monster feat, the expanded list from Monster Summoner’s Handbook, Summon Nature’s Ally, and more!

Available through the Encounter Library under the “Gamemaster” menu, these monsters can easily be imported into Hero Lab to help your character. Once added, you’ll be prompted to apply any template required by the summoned monster, such as the “Celestial”, “Fiendish”, or “Entropic” templates, and select enhancements from the many feats that grant bonuses to summoned monsters. Want to add Summoner Evolutions to your Evolved Dire Rat? No problem!


Apply templates, or add an enhancement your summoned monster.

Like your regular hero, you can keep tabs on your summoned creature’s hit points and track conditions through the In-Play tab. Or if you’re feeling more traditional, print out the mo nster for easy reference at the game table.

Best of all, if a creature is only available in a supplement package (like the Bestiary or Bestiary 2), you’ll still be able to summon them without needing to purchase those additional packages! For example, you can summon a Celestial Dire Tiger without owning the Bestiary package, and add bonuses available through summon-related feats, such as the Summon Neutral Monster feat from Champions of Balance.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a character that likes to summon “friends”, the Summon Monster Creatures package will be the perfect addition to your Hero Lab library. Pick it up today for only $4.99!

Ultimate Intrigue Playtest

Survive ruthless gangs and deceptive courtiers, with a secret identity honed through the Vigilante class in the Ultimate Intrigue playtest. Whether you use your hidden persona to defend the good or use it to perpetrate crime, the new Vigilante class provides Pathfinder players with a ton of new and unique options. Try out this new class within Hero Lab today, available as a free update for all users with a Pathfinder license!

Playtest Details


Defend your kingdom as an Avenger Vigilante in the new Ultimate Intrigue playtest.

Just like Paizo’s free playtest PDF, the Ultimate Intrigue playtest material within Hero Lab will be free to all our Pathfinder users until it releases in spring 2016. Once the book is released, the playtest content will be updated and will then become part of our Ultimate Intrigue package. For those who purchase this package once it’s released, the characters you’ve created during the playtest will continue to work in Hero Lab, and you’ll get access to any new content added in the book.

Be aware that if anything changes in the playtest before it ends on July 20th or when the book releases, there may be some changes you need to make – for example, if the class selects from among several abilities, and one of the options you selected for that slot is removed, your character will have that ability removed and must choose a new one. The Hero Lab files already include the updates introduced in Round 2 of the Playtest on Thursday, July 9th.

Please note that when the full Ultimate Intrigue package releases next year, you’ll no longer be able to use this new class without purchasing the package for your license.

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Additional Updates

Finally, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums.