Data Trails Now Available for Shadowrun 5th Edition

Customized Cyberdeck

Customize your cyberdeck with the new programs, modules, and device modifications from Data Trails!

Access the Matrix with the newest Hero Lab add-on for Shadowrun Fifth Edition – Data Trails! If you have the skills to unlock its secrets, the Matrix provides access to the weird and the powerful, from artificial intelligences to every secret ever recorded. By picking up Data Trails, you’ll access options for decker and technomancer characters, including programs, gear, AI characters, and more. Add Data Trails to your library for only $9.99!

Chrome Flesh Coming Soon!

If you’re also waiting for the dozens of new alterations available in Chrome Flesh, you won’t have to wait much longer! Our team is working diligently to finish up the next add-on, and if all goes according to plan, Chrome Flesh will follow around the end of September.

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