Making the Most of Hero Lab

With the release of our new Pathfinder Class Packs, more and more players are using Hero Lab to keep track of their characters. With all these new users, the Hero Lab team was inspired to share advice on how Pathfinder players can use Hero Lab to have even more fun playing the game!

Read on to learn how you can make the most out of Hero Lab:

  1. Read the rulebooks and understand your character – The rulebooks provide context for all the options that you see in Hero Lab. Once you have that context, it’s easier to see how your character’s feats and abilities could play out during the game. This will make gameplay (especially combat) go even faster!
  2. Learn how Hero Lab calculates all the numbers – If you understand how Hero Lab came up with your hero’s bonuses and scores, you’ll be able to quickly calculate new effects in your head (like the bonuses applied by Bull’s Strength) or explain a particular stat (such as how your attack bonus was determined). Once you can do that, you’ll be able to quickly consider more options, without having to run them through Hero Lab first.
  3. If you discover a problem with your character, let us know – If you think Hero Lab has calculated something incorrectly or applied a rule wrongly, simply report the issue to us with as much information as you can (book, page number, etc.). If you’ve found a mistake, we can correct it in a future version of the Pathfinder data files.
  4. Share your character with your GM – It can be helpful for Game Masters to see the choices you’ve made for your character, especially after you’ve leveled up. Share your hero by printing off a character sheet, or emailing the portfolio or PDF.
  5. Learn about the rest of the party – By learning about the characters that your fellow players have created, you can start to think about how the party will work together. As a collaborative game, teamwork is crucial! So start your game off on the right foot, and get ready to have fun together.

We know that these 5 pieces of advice aren’t all-inclusive, but they’re a great starting point for Pathfinder players using Hero Lab. What do you recommend? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!