Hero Lab Update for Desktop and iPad!

Hero Lab

Hero Lab 7.4 is now out for Windows, Mac, and iPad! We know people like to play games around the holidays, so the we’ve been been focused on optimizations this month, making Hero Lab faster, slimmer and improving overall performance. Desktop users, you should see Hero Lab working faster than ever – especially if you use Hero Lab for Shadowrun. We have more changes planned for the coming weeks that should improve things for Pathfinder and other games too!

If you use Hero Lab on the iPad, the app now uses a lot less memory. This is great news for iPad 2 and iPad Mini users, as the app is now performing better on those older devices. This update should make Hero Lab more stable on all iPads, even newer ones, and also makes it more likely to stay active after you switch away to another app and back.

Like these improvements? Let us know what you think on our forums, FacebookTwitter, and/or Google+. You’ll also find a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes in this update. A full list of the changes can be found in the update notes within Hero Lab.