More content added for Shadowrun 5th Edition!

Hoi, chummers! We’ve been hard at work on Shadowrun ever since Chrome Flesh was released, and we’re happy to unveil the following cornucopia of content, now available in Hero Lab:

  • Shadows in Focus: Butte and Lockdown are now available as part of the Sourcebook Bundle #2 package! For only $9.99, you can now access new equipment, augmentations, weapons and more from Lockdown, and new lifestyle options from Butte. (I’ve been advised to avoid making any jokes here, so as to not risk offending anyone who actually lives in Butte.) Users who already own this package will, of course, have the content added for free. Grab Sourcebook Bundle #2 today!
  • The opposition has arrived, in the form of Ten Terrorists! (We don’t recommend you fight them all at once.) NPCs from this book are now available for all Shadowrun 5th Edition users in the Encounter Builder.
  • The Sum to Ten character creation system from Run Faster, PLUS the five Alternate Campaign options from pages 350-351 of the Core Rulebook, have now been added! With Sum to Ten, you can have more freedom when creating your character – want to have two options at Priority A, instead of one at Priority B? No problem! Sum to Ten lets you mix and match priorities to your heart’s content. The Alternate Campaign options tweak the rules for military, street-level, or high-powered play, opening up exciting new possibilities for your Shadowrun games. (Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Life Modules – the mechanics for them are in place, and we’re working on the data entry now.) You can find Sum to Ten and the other options on the Configure Hero form when creating a new character.

We’ve also made several other improvements, including the display of overflow damage, damage recovery rolls, and fatigue resistance on all characters, plus our usual array of bug fixes. You can read all about them in the forum thread for the release.

Thanks for playing, and keep watching the screamsheets for our next Shadowrun update! (Phew, made my quota of Sixth World references for the year.)