Hero Lab Launches D&D 5th Edition SRD

Hero Lab

The wait is over! The #1 character management tool for RPGs now supports D&D 5th Edition. Whether you’re a DM or player, it’s time to take your game to the next level!

How is Hero Lab Unique?


Choose your character’s ability scores!

Hero Lab provides gamers with flexible character creation, readily accommodating house rules and custom content. As you create your hero, Hero Lab automatically calculates all the appropriate modifiers and bonuses and checks your choices against the official rules. You can make changes to stay within the limits of the rules, or simply ignore them – whatever fits your game.

Unlike other tools, Hero Lab is more than just character creation. DMs can build monsters, create NPCs, weave them into an encounter, and manage the combat – all in one convenient place. There’s no need to bounce between multiple disparate apps when Hero Lab can do it all.

Another cornerstone of Hero Lab is its extensibility, which allows both the user community and publishers to add custom material – much like mods to computer games. We already have longstanding relationships with big third party publishers that offer a host of D&D 5th Edition material, such as Kobold Press (Tyranny of DragonsTome of Beasts), Green Ronin Publishing (Out of the Abyss), Frog God Games, and many more. In fact, we’re already in conversations with some of them about Hero Lab support! Look for announcements about third party D&D products in Hero Lab in the near future.

What’s Included?


Review skills and track your proficiencies

The D&D 5th Edition SRD game system in Hero Lab includes everything in the official SRD, such as races and their traits, character classes and class features, spells, equipment, magic items, and other character creation necessities. It will also include all of the monsters and DM mechanics outlined in the SRD later this month.

For those of you not familiar with the SRD, it differs from the rules presented in the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon’s Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. Specifically, the SRD omits certain options that appear in the full rulebooks (e.g. certain spells, feats, etc.), so those options aren’t included in Hero Lab. Fortunately, Hero Lab’s extensibility allows users to fill in the holes and readily go beyond the limits of the SRD.

As a commercial product, we take pride in everything we deliver to our users. We’ll be rolling out support for D&D 5th Edition SRD in stages, and we’ve spent the past few weeks ensuring that everything works as intended. This initial release features character creation support for the D&D 5th Edition SRD, and DM-specific tools will be incorporated throughout the month of February.

How Can I Get It?


Build characters and play from your iPad!

Hero Lab support for D&D 5th Edition SRD is available on Windows, Mac, and iPad. Current Hero Lab users can add it to their existing license for $20, and new Hero Lab users can select it as their initial purchase for only $29.99. This price includes all the DM tools (once added) and access to community-created content.

We’re also still pursuing an official license with Wizards of the Coast to support the entire D&D 5th Edition product line. If an official license can be secured, anyone purchasing the SRD option for Hero Lab will be given the option to upgrade.

Check it Out!

To find out more about D&D 5th Edition SRD support in Hero Lab or to pick it up for your games, head over to our website!

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