Hero Lab Pathfinder Updates – Pathfinder 2016 Bundle, Weapon Master’s Handbook, and more!

pathfinderStart off 2016 with brand new options for nearly every Pathfinder character from the two latest player companion books – Weapon Master’s Handbook and Arcane Anthology. Or, finish the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path with the last two chapters. Don’t want to miss any new Pathfinder releases this year? The Pathfinder 2016 Bundle is your answer!

For additional details on these add-ons, explore the updates below!

Pathfinder 2016 Bundle

Don’t miss any new Pathfinder add-ons in 2016! The Pathfinder 2016 Bundle has arrived, and it includes material from nearly all the Paizo Pathfinder packages we’ll release this year. That’s right – once you’ve purchased this bundle, new official Pathfinder content we release will be automatically available to you in Hero Lab!

The Pathfinder 2016 Bundle launches with Player Companion #22! Over the course of 2016, we’ll add Hero Lab content for the following books as they release:

  • All hardcover core rulebooks – for example, Ultimate Intrigue and Horror Adventures
  • All Player Companion and Campaign Setting rulebooks – for example, Blood of Shadows and Heaven Unleashed.

This is the ultimate bundle of convenience for Pathfinder fans, and it’s now available for only $64.99! All content from the above books will be added to your Hero Lab license if you purchase this package. It won’t include Adventure Path packages or content from modules, adventure pawns, anything not published by Paizo Publishing, or anything else not listed above.

While this isn’t a “sale” bundle, users loved last year’s 2015 bundle and the convenience of new packages automatically being added each month. We had to bring it back!

Please note: This bundle does not include content from packages that were first released in 2015. For example, even though the Weapons Master’s Handbook book released in February 2016, it’s available in our Player Companion #21 package, which was released in 2015. Thus, it isn’t part of this bundle.

Weapon Master’s Handbook and Arcane Anthology

weapon master’s handbookThe greatest warriors know that swordplay is an art form, and it’s time that your characters knew the secrets. The Weapon Master’s Handbook Player Companion book allows characters to imitate the fighting styles of their deity, enchant weapons with new magical abilities, and a range of new weapon-focused feats, like Empty Quiver Flexibility and Smashing Style.

Magical characters, we’ve also got you covered! Arcane Anthology, the latest Player Companion, is a must-have for any spell-casting class, from wizards and sorcerers to bards and witches. This mystical tome introduces new spellcasting archetypes, traits, and feats, like Avid Spellbook Reader and Spell Denial. Of course, a spellcaster book wouldn’t be complete without new spells. Choose from dozens of new spells – create extradimensional weapons with “Aroden’s Spellsword” and influence those you pay off with the “Fool’s Gold” spell.

Weapon Master’s Handbook finishes off the Player Companion #21 package, and Arcane Anthology starts off the Player Companion #22 package. Both packages are now available for only $4.99 each!

The Kintargo Contract and Breaking the Bones of Hell – Hell’s Rebels Chapters 5 and 6

hellsrebels6The Silver Ravens have liberated Kintargo, but can they save the Silver City from Cheliax’s rulers and all who wish its destricution? It’s up to the heroes to secure the city and secure the region’s independence. Will the party succeed in this noble quest? Find out in the last two chapters of the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path – The Kintargo Contract and Breaking the Bones of Hell.

Game Masters can now run the last two chapter of this AP using Hero Lab. All the encounters from The Kintargo Contract and Breaking the Bones of Hell have been added to the Hell’s Rebels add-on. If you haven’t picked up this Adventure Path package, grab it today for only $24.99.

As well as the new goodies for GMs, players can now access all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Additional Updates

You’ll also find a number of other changes and bug fixes in this update. A full list of the changes is included on our forums.

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