Hero Lab V7.6 now available!

Hero Lab

Hero Lab V7.6 is now available for Windows, Mac, and iPad! Here’s a list of the major changes in this new release:

Enhancements & Changes

  1. User-created data files which reference content from packages you don’t own can now be used! Previously, if a user data file referenced content from (for example) the Advanced Player’s Guide, but your Hero Lab license wasn’t authorized for the APG, the data files would fail to compile, and you were unable to use them. Beginning next Pathfinder release, those data files will now load properly, and Hero Lab will simply warn you (via a validation error) if you try to use something that references content from the package you don’t have. (You won’t be able to use the missing content, it’ll simply be ignored.)

Bug Fixes

  1. Certain items couldn’t be put into certain holders (for example, magical arrows could not be put into a Vanishing Sheath in Pathfinder); this has now been fixed.
  2. The same spell could often not be added for different classes, or within different spellbooks.
  3. Using “Test Now!” in the editor would sometimes ignore the values you set for fields, often if the field value set was “2” (for example, ability score bonuses in 5th Edition).
  4. Certain messages would not appear immediately, for example when you pressed an “undo” button if there was nothing to undo.

Authoring Enhancements, Changes, and Bug Fixes

  1. A new “Extend Thing” tab is present in the editor, allowing you to add tags to things that are defined in other files (or in packages). This should make it easier to (for example) add new character classes to existing spells.
  2. The editor is now much more responsive when switching between tabs.
  3. Added a “Find Thing” button to the Hidden, Preclude, and Procedure tabs in the editor.
  4. In debug field info windows, the name and unique id of menu selections are now displayed.
  5. Added the “displaytxt” attribute to things and picks, allowing you to generate the full description text for them after evaluation is finished.

We hope you enjoy using this new version of Hero Lab! If you run into problems, please drop us an email at and we’ll help as soon as we can.