Hero Lab Pathfinder Updates – Ultimate Intrigue, Inner Sea Faiths, and Wrath of Thrune

Fill your game with new conspiracies and defend against games of deception, with the highly anticipated Ultimate Intrigue supplement! Or, explore lesser-known deities with Inner Sea Faiths and add over 90 new monsters to your repertoire with the Southlands Bestiary from Kobold Press. These incredible options and more are now available in the latest Pathfinder update for Hero Lab!

For info on all the releases, check out the updates below.

Ultimate Intrigue

Ultimate IntrigueIn some adventures, carefully chosen words can be just as dangerous as a dagger to the back. If this sounds like your games, then Ultimate Intrigue is the book for you! Build heroes with the new Vigilante class, a character with two lives – a regular member of a society by day, and a masked avenger by night. Or, use new archetypes for many of your favorite classes, like bards, hunters, rogues, slayers, and more!

Of course, a new supplement like Ultimate Intrigue wouldn’t be complete without new feats, spells, and magic items to manipulate others and provide misdirection. Get all this and more with the Ultimate Intrigue package in Hero Lab, now available for only $9.99!

Inner Sea Faiths

Gods and deities play an important role in many campaign worlds, including Pathfinder’s Golarion. The latest Campaign Setting book, Inner Sea Faiths, expands on 15 lesser-known deities with followers scattered throughout the Inner Sea region. While they may be less popular than Desna or Sarenrae, these gods still offer aid to their worshipers. Inner Sea Faiths joins Darklands RevisitedOccult Realms and Cheliax: The Infernal Empire in Campaign Setting #15, now available for only $4.99.

Wrath of Thrune – Hell’s Vengeance Chapter 2

Hells Vengeance 2The Glorious Reclamation has captured the town of Kantaria, claiming a holy site sacred to the followers of Iomdeae. This cannot stand! The party, now working for the House of Thrune, must recapture Kantaria. Can they retake the town, or will the rebellion continue to spread throughout Cheliax and threaten the dominance of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune? Find out in the second chapter of the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path!

The Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path package is available to buy now for only $24.99! With hundreds of encounters across this six-chapter adventure, that’s just a few cents for each – a bargain for any busy GM. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website for more information, or to pick up your copy today!

As well as the new goodies for GMs, players can now access all the player content from this book and the Hell’s Vengeance Player’s Guide as a part of our free update, available now!

Southlands Bestiary by Kobold Press

Southlands BestiaryFill your world with over 90 new monsters, perfect for adventures in sprawling jungles and desert empires.  From sphinx and swamp adders to genies and golems, the Southlands Bestiary by Kobold Press provides unforgettable creatures for any adventure and proves itself an indispensable companion to the recently released Southlands Campaign Setting package. Pick up the Southlands Bestiary today for only $9.99! To learn more about the Southlands Campaign Setting, the Southlands Bestiary, and some of the other incredible products from Kobold Press, be sure to visit their website.

Additional Updates

You’ll also find a number of other changes and bug fixes in this update. A full list of the changes is included on our forums.

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