Hero Lab D&D 5th edition updates!

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Happy Monday, Dungeoneers! Prepare for some news that will brighten up your GM’s day – all the monsters from the D&D 5th edition SRD, plus rules for custom monster creation, are now available in Hero Lab! Read on to find out more…

All the SRD Monsters!

Did you know? Accusing someone of being a “gibbering mouther” is offensive in many cultures.

The 5th edition SRD includes hundreds of monsters, and starting now, they’re all available in Hero Lab’s Encounter Builder! Build your next challenge from a list of over 300 classic monsters, including Owlbears, Dragons, Lichs, Hydras, Badgers (stop – Ed) and more!

These new monsters are available to all users in the latest 5th edition update for Hero Lab! Once you’ve grabbed the new update, go to the Gamemaster menu within Hero Lab and click “Show Encounter Builder”. You’ll see a list of all the bad guys you can choose from – just try to make sure your players don’t hear your muffled cackles of glee.

Custom Monster Creation!

Building your own monster in Hero Lab

What’s that I hear? “Over 300 monsters isn’t enough”? How did you even get in here? Well, we have good news for you, unusually demanding reader – in addition to the monsters from the SRD, we now support creating new monsters of your very own, without even using the Hero Lab editor!

Just pick the Custom Monster race for your NPC, name the monster, and start building it. Choose challenge rating, hit dice, resistances, attacks, special abilities and more! We even provide the new “CR Estimate” summary panel to help you decide just how strong your monster should be. Check out the screenshot on the right to see how easy it is!

Once you’ve finished your monster, you can use it in Hero Lab’s tactical console just like any other NPC. It’s never been easier to make new monsters and use them in your games!

Community Pack!

If you’re a 5th edition fan who missed our April newsletter, read on to find out more about the D&D 5E Community Pack a group of our users has released – it’s free! One of the community members involved in the project wanted to share some info about the Community Pack, including their latest updates:

The Community Pack is a collection of character options designed to fill the gaps left by the SRD while also expanding with options from popular third party and home-brew content. The most exciting recent update is the addition of the leftover monsters from the Monster Manual, allowing DM’s to quickly and efficiently generate encounters. We have added many options from official source books and adventures and are currently working to complete the mechanics of those things while also working to add some of the popular 3rd party content such as Matt Mercer’s Gunslinger Martial Archetype for Fighters.

I would like to give a special thanks to ShadowChemosh whose scripting and technical knowledge of Hero Lab has been nothing short of incredible. Not to mention he’s hosting the files! And Panda who slaved day and night to configure the additional monsters. It’s been a real team effort to bring the pack together and a really interesting and fulfilling experience seeing the community come together so efficiently.

To download the free 5e Community Pack, check out the install instructions: 

To view the most recent changes and enhancements, visit the Lone Wolf Community Forums:

While most of us are active on the forums, users should continue to log both requests and issues via our GitHub repository:

A huge thanks to daplunk and the other community members that worked on the Community Pack for making the additional options available to Hero Lab users!

That’s all, folks!

For the full list of changes in this release, including additional new features and bug fixes, see our forum thread. We’re already working on our next 5th edition release – tune in in a few weeks and you’ll find improvements to the custom monster creation mechanism, new optional mechanics, and more!