Rigger 5.0 is now available!

Greetings, denizens of the Sixth World! We’ve been spending some long hours in our automotive workshop, and we’re happy to unveil the results – Rigger 5.0 is now available in Hero Lab!

Just some of the many new vehicles added in Rigger 5.0

Over 150 new vehicles and drones make Rigger 5 a must-have for any Shadowrun character, and if you’re into customizing your ride, we have good news – over 100 new modifications are now available, like the mechanical arm, electromagnetic shielding, and everyone’s favorite, the deadly anti-theft system! Add new capabilities to the power train, armor, weapons, or body of your vehicle or drone, and Hero Lab will apply any appropriate effects while verifying that it’s within the modification limits introduced in R5.

In addition to hundreds of new vehicles, drones, and modifications, we’ve also streamlined how Hero Lab deals with multiple vehicles or drones, resulting in a major performance boost. Even if you have many drones active at once, changes you make to your character should now happen much faster, making it easier than ever for Hero Lab to keep track of your drone army during combat!

Rigger 5.0 is available now for Hero Lab, so don’t delay – jump in your Ford Americar, head down to our online purchase server, and pick it up today! As always, you can find a full list of this release’s changes on our Shadowrun 5 forum.