Hero Lab & Pathfinder – the Armor Master’s Handbook, Heaven Unleashed, and The Inferno Gate!

It’s time for our second Pathfinder update of the month! Just like last time, we’ve added something for everyone – players can enjoy the new Armor Master’s Handbook, GMs can find new friends (or foes) in Heaven Unleashed, and anyone looking for a new adventure can check out the latest chapter of Hell’s Vengeance. Read on to find out more!

Armor Master’s Handbook

Armor Master's HandbookIf you’re looking for a new “tank” archetype for your fighter, or new toys – sorry, new armor and shields – to play with in combat, look no further! The Armor Master’s Handbook offers these, new combat style feats, additional options for Fighter armor training, and more. Our favorite: the Tower Shield Specialist feat, allowing you to wield an enormous tower shield with ease!

The Armor Master’s Handbook is the final book in our Player Companion #22 package, available now for only $4.99. If you want to do more with  armor, pick it up today!

Heaven Unleashed

Heaven UnleashedWe’re still reeling from the unleashing of dragons, the undead, and recently Hell itself, but we have some good news – Heaven has also been unleashed to stand against our foes! 13 holy champions are available for your perusal, including celestial beings aplenty. Consult with Avanostryx the Sentinel in their Eternal Watchtower, or visit the Mwangi Expanse to “borrow” dangerous artifacts from an archon (good luck with that). All these NPCs are now available in Hero Lab’s Encounter Builder, ready to use in your games!

Heaven Unleashed is the final book in our Campaign Setting #15 package. Buy it now for only $4.99!

Hell’s Vengeance 3 – The Inferno Gate

The Inferno GateThe House of Thrune has sent your group of unheroic and frankly naughty adventurers to find the mysterious Inferno Gate, an uncontrolled portal to Hell itself. Do you try to seal it… or do you bend it to your own ends? We recommend the second option, I’m sure there are absolutely no downsides. All the encounters in The Inferno Gate are now available in Hero Lab’s Encounter Library, ready to use in your adventures!

GMs, what are you waiting for? Pick up the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path for Hero Lab, available now for only $24.99.

And more!

This release also includes the usual collection of bug fixes, improvements, and more, provided as always by our hard-working data file authors. Find the full list of changes on our forums, and we’ll see you next month!