D&D 5th Edition update – Spell Points and More Custom Monsters!

Another 5th edition update has arrived in Hero Lab! This release brings players optional rules like Spell Points and additional ability scores, while DMs can enjoy templates and an updated monster builder. Read on to find out more!

Spell Points & Other Optional RulesSpell Points

We’ve had a lot of requests to add the Spell Points option to Hero Lab. Instead of giving a spellcaster a set of level-specific spell slots to use, this rules variant simply gives you a pool of points from which you can cast spells at will. We have good news for all you Spell Points fans – this option is now supported in Hero Lab! Select the Spell Points option on the Configure Hero form (or Character tab on the iPad), and your character will use the new rules. You can see a screenshot of the updated Spells tab to the right!

We’ve also added the option to use additional Honor and Sanity ability scores, plus Proficiency Dice for those of you who enjoy a little extra randomness, and some additional options too. Try them out and see what you think!

Custom Monsters & Templates

Custom Monster Creation

For DMs, we’ve been hard at work improving the custom monster creator. When you’re building a custom monster, the effective stats of the monster are now affected by factors like the number of resistances and immunities it has, allowing you to more accurately gauge its strength.

We’ve also added a number of standard abilities for you to use with your monster, allowing you to easily add traits like “Ambusher” and “Regeneration”, or add actions like “Change Shape” and “Breath Weapon”.

Finally, we’ve added a new Template table on the Race tab for NPCs, and the Half-Dragon template from the SRD is included for your use. Now it’s easier than ever to build your own monsters and NPCs in Hero Lab!

Next Month

Check out the full list of changes, including bug fixes, in our 5th edition forum thread. That’s all for this month – we have another update scheduled for June with additional updates and improvements. Thanks for reading!

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