May Pathfinder release – Magic Tactics Toolbox, Inner Sea Intrigue, Mythic Spell Compendium, Spellbook Updates, and More!

Greetings, Pathfinders! This month’s update brings 4 new books to Hero Lab, plus some additional changes to spellbooks for new characters. Read on to find out more!

Spellbook UpdatesSpellbook Changes

Building on last month’s improvements, we’ve added additional spellbook capabilities in this month’s Pathfinder update. Spellbook-using characters like the Wizard are now prompted to add a spellbook, which holds the spells you gain as you level up, as well as any new ones you learn along the way.

Hero Lab automatically tracks the number of pages used by a spellbook, and will warn you if you try to exceed it. Not only that, we automatically calculate the cost of new spells scribed into the book, whether you’re buying a scroll to copy from or paying another spellcaster for access. No more sitting down with a calculator to figure out how much to pay the town’s wizard for that copy of Fireball – Hero Lab does it for you!

If you have an existing spellbook-using character, don’t worry – they’ll continue to work just like they did before, although you can transition to the new way of managing your spells via the Options button on the Spellbook form. (Once you do so, you’ll need to re-add spells to your spellbook, and delete the originals from the Spellbook form.)

Full spellbook support has been a longstanding request from many users, and we’re happy to have brought it to Hero Lab! Thanks especially to data file author Aaron for his work on this feature.

 Magic Tactics Toolbox

Magic-using characters can now take advantage of dozens of new options from this book, including archetypes, feats, spells, and more! Make your Druid a poison specialist with the new Toxicologist archetype, allowing you to cast spells like Cloudkill and easily apply poison to weapons (and then, presumably, your opponents). Or for any character who enjoys being polymorphed, take the Scale and Skin feat to improve the effects of transmutation spells cast on you!

Dozens of new spells and magic items are also available, like the subtly menacing Rod of Subtle Menace, or the Secluded Grimoire spell to help keep your precious spellbook safe.

The Magic Tactics Toolbox is the first book in our new Player Companion #23 package, available today for only $4.99!

Inner Sea Intrigueinnerseaintrigue

Learn more about criminal enterprises and join nefarious schools in Inner Sea Intrigue, the perfect addition to a sneaky character’s repertoire! Inquisitors can pick from the new Clandestine and Politics inquisitions to focus their powers on secrecy and learning about others’ goals, and over a dozen new rogue, investigator, and vigilante talents add new options for those characters.

Heroes looking for new progression opportunities can pick the Enchanting Courtesan prestige class, allowing divination and enchantment spells to be cast covertly, or the updated Lion Blade prestige class to learn from a secretive school of fighting and espionage. Finally, new archetypes are also included, like the God Caller Summoner and Guerrilla Rogue options. As usual, this campaign setting book opens up new possibilities for everyone!

Inner Sea Intrigue is the first book in our new Campaign Setting #16 package, available now for only $4.99!

Hell’s Vengeance #4: For Queen and Empireforqueenandempire

The Glorious Reclamation continues its progress through Cheliax, claiming yet more territory, with zealous Iomedean knights pressing ever closer to the strongholds of House Thrune. Good will always triumph over evil, right? Not if the players of Hell’s Vengeance have anything to say about it!

This chapter of the adventure path takes on a political bent, with party invitations and political intrigue aplenty, but don’t worry – there’s always plenty of fighting to do with this many do-gooders around. Player content from this chapter is now included for all users for free, and the Hell’s Vengeance GM package will be updated with all the NPCs and combat encounters from this month’s chapter soon.

The Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path package is available now, for only $24.99!

Legendary Games’ Mythic Spell Compendiummythicspellcompendium

Produced by Legendary Games, the Mythic Spell Compendium brings you mythic versions of over 2000 spells for your Pathfinder campaign! This book is an encyclopedic tome of magic, a comprehensive compilation of mythic versions for EVERY spell in the Pathfinder core rules and MORE! These spells are not just an exercise in bigger numbers (though you’ll find those here as well), but bring new and exciting dynamic and even cinematic options to your spellcasting character, many with augmentable variations to expand their power to an even grander scale.

There are earth-shaking magics here, alongside inventive and occasionally amusing uses for lower-level magics; everything from the humblest of cantrips to the mightiest of miracles, is covered between these pages. Coupled with the core mythic spells in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures, every spellcaster, no matter how obscure their specialty, will find page after page of amazing options. If you’re playing Pathfinder with the mythic rules, you need to grab this book.

HOWEVER, this book is an amazing resource for you even if you’re NOT using the mythic rules! The mythic rules are a terrific toolbox for making magic more mysterious and, even better, more interesting, in a standard Pathfinder campaign. From ancient cultures to secret cults, alien races to eldritch secrets, sacrificial sorcery to divine mysteries, all are sources from which the forgotten or forbidden lore of mythic magic could spring to new life in your Pathfinder campaign.

The Mythic Spell Compendium is available now in Hero Lab for only $14.99, or from the Legendary Games Store in print or PDF!

That’s All, Folks!

For more details on bug fixes and authoring changes, check out the forum thread for this release.

Four new books and spellbook updates is enough for one month, so we’re heading back to our lair to connive and plot about our next release. For those of you in the US, we hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, and we’ll see you in June with more updates. Happy gaming!