August Pathfinder Release – Haunted Heroes Handbook and Strange Aeons!

Strange Aeons



The Strange Aeons Adventure Path is a mind-shattering foray into horror, where the heroes awaken within the walls of the eerie Briarstone Asylum, their minds wracked and memories missing.

Working together to recover their missing time, they soon learn that their amnesia is but a symptom of a much greater cosmic menace. As they struggle to retain their sanity, the heroes must ally with other asylum residents and fight against the monstrosities that have taken over the building and plunged it into nightmare. Can the adventurers defeat the terror that stalks the halls and free themselves from their prison of madness?

The Strange Aeons Hero Lab release includes everything you need to run encounters and immerse yourself in the characters of the game. Aside from an array of standard creatures and content you’ll also find:

  • 11 new outer gods and great old ones.
  • A collection of weird and frightful new monsters, by Eric Hindley, James Jacobs, Jenny Jarzabski, and F. Wesley Schneider.
  • Strange new NPCS and more!

Purchase of this package includes access to all necessary content required to run the adventure from various Bestiaries, the Advanced Class Guide, and Occult Adventures.

Chapter 1 of the adventure path is available now in the Strange Aeons package for only 24.99 with the remainder being added as they release!

Haunted Heroes Handbook



It’s one thing to face foes like ravenous beasts, fire-breathing dragons, and marauding monsters, but what about ghosts that can hop from body to body? How do you face a fiend that’s using an innocent pawn as a proxy for its evil? Are there ways being haunted could be turned to your advantage? Prepare yourself for the answers to these questions and more as you explore what it’s like to be a haunted hero!

The Haunted Heroes Handbook package includes:

  • New archetypes, feats, and traits that build upon your character’s past and explore eerie powers gained from being haunted by spirits.
  • Rules for an all new category of magic: haunted spells, which operate in ghostly ways to mimic the sinister manifestation of haunts.
  • The intriguing and useful, possessed hand feat tree.

The Player Companion #24 package is available now for 4.99. This package includes the Haunted Heroes Handbook, and at least one other book, to be added as future player companion books release.

Enhancements & Changes

For more details on bug fixes and authoring changes, check out the forum thread for this release. Happy gaming, everyone!