September Shadowrun Update: Howling Shadows



Ahoy, chummers! Our technicians have been slaving over hot cyberdecks for months, and their efforts have borne fruit – Howling Shadows is now available for Hero Lab!

For players: this book introduces a new type of character – Drakes! As a Drake, you gain a powerful draconic form allowing you to choose options like the gift of flight, power over animals, or even a breath weapon to roast / chill / electrocute / dissolve (pick one!) your enemies. Just remember, in the Sixth World everything has a price, and in this case that price is a hefty Karma cost (and the attention of the megacorps, who would love to pull you apart and find out what makes you tick).

For GMs: you’ll have fun with the many new critters in Howling Shadows – this package introduces over 150 new monsters to face off against your players. Including mundane-yet-dangerous animals like the alligator, paranormal creatures such as the Harpy or Cerberus Hound, and even matrix-savvy Technocritters to mess with your group. And if that’s not enough, bring out the big guns with cybernetically-altered Warforms, for an encounter the runners will never forget! Unless the Warforms kill them…

Howling Shadows is available now for only $9.99! Please note that the “Chimeric Modifications” section (p170-174), along with the sample chimerics, is not yet implemented – this content will be added for free in a future update.

We’re planning our next Shadowrun release for some time in October, which will hopefully include the Chimeric Modifications, along with new material from Court of Shadows. Until then, you can find the full list of changes in the forum thread for this release.