Hero Lab – New System Requirements 2017

A small bit of housekeeping around the lair! We are making changes to the system requirements for iPad, Windows, and Mac users.

For iPad Users

At the start of next year, we’ll be changing the minimum requirements of Hero Lab for iPad to require iOS 9 to run (last year’s version of iOS). Hero Lab currently operates on a minimum of iOS 6, and apple has retired dev tool support so we feel it’s time to make the change.

Hero Lab will require iOS 9 as of January 1st 2017. 

Please note: new versions of Hero Lab will no longer work under iOS 6 or iOS 7. While iOS 8 won’t be officially supported it will continue to function, for now. If you’re still running iOS 8, we ask you update to iOS 9 regardless so we may better serve you. We want you to have the best Hero Lab possible after all!

If you choose not to make the upgrade, Hero Lab will continue to work as it does now but future releases and data files will be unavailable for you to download.

Naturally, this does not affect which models of iPad Hero Lab runs on. If you could run Hero Lab before, you will still be able to use it on your current device once you upgrade.

 For PC and Mac Users

As we’ve said before, late this year Hero Lab will NO LONGER RUN on Windows 2000. If you’re still using Windows 2000 you will be unable to update Hero Lab, necessitating an upgrade to a newer version of Windows to do so. 

We will still be supporting Windows 7 and OS X El Capitan for some time but we recommend upgrading to the latest operating system for your device so you can have fun creating for many years to come.